A Community Created Public Art PRoject

Closing Party: Tuesday, July 25 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Visitor's Information Center
1794 Olympic Parkway, Park City, UT


Produced by the Summit County Public Art Board
Curated by Amy MacDonald & Nancy Stoaks


about the project

The Summit County Public Art Board developed the Dark Storefronts program in 2016. The goal is to bring people and creative energy to commercial buildings through public art -- making them interesting community gathering spaces.

The second Dark Storefronts installation, The View From My Door, asked Summit County community members to share their creative spirit by submitting a photograph that represented the world as seen from a place they call home. This exhibit celebrates our sense of place, our definition of home, and our connection to our community.

We received over 120 images from the public. These were designed into large format posters that will be hung in 13 commercial buildings across the County from 5/19-7/21.

Opening Celebration: 5/19

ARTIQUE, 283 N. Main, Kamas

TAKE THE TOUR: 5/19-7/21

60 miles

6 hrs biking / 1.5 hrs driving / 21 hrs walking

Artique - 283 N. Main St.
Done to Your Taste - 70 E. Center St.
Hi Mountain Drug - 40 N. Main St.
Kamas Town Hall - 170 N. Main St.
Mirror Lake Diner - 35 S. Main St.


Miner's Hospital - 1354 Park Ave.
Kimball Art Center - 1401 Kearns Blvd.

Richins Building - 1885 W. Ute Blvd.
Visitor's Center - 1794 Olympic Parkway

20 S. Main St.
23 S. Main St.

Blue Sky Service Station - 27649 Old Lincoln Hwy.

Oakley Town Hall - 60 W. Center St.





Amy MacDonald is the artistic director of the Kimball Art Center in Park City which serves as a cultural hub for Park City through art education, exhibitions, and events. She is also the founder of Brolly Arts, a non profit organization in Salt Lake City designed to create meaningful art and vibrant communities through artistic and civic collaboration and experimentation. Since 1995, Brolly Arts has supported over 600 talented independent artists working in a variety of mediums.

Nancy Stoaks is the Exhibitions Director at the Kimball Art Center in Park City and was formerly the Associate Director of CUAC. Stoaks has an M.A. in Art History from the University of Washington, where she studied twentieth-century European and American art. She has worked as the gallery director of James Harris Gallery and Howard House Contemporary Art in Seattle and served as the director and curator of the Swedish Medical Center art collection.


Thank you to the following Summit County resident photographers for submitting images for The View from My Door. Image locations are identified below.

Abbe Tolzmann (Kimball Junction)
Alex Butwinski (Coalville)
Alix Railton (Coalville)
Angela Christensen (Coalville)
Angela Moschetta (Kimball Junction)
Ann Morin (Kamas)
Beth Armstrong (Coalville)
Betsey Devaney (Coalville/Kamas/Park City)
Bill Riley (Coalville)
Chris Brigham (Coalville/Kamas)
Claire Wiley (Park City)
Colin DeFord (Oakley)
Dale Nelson (Coalville/Kamas/Park City)
Dana Shaw (Coalville)
Daniel Feldman (Coalville)
Daniel Riley (Coalville)
Deb DeKoff (Park City)
Dori Pratt (Coalville)
Ed Woolstenhulme (Kimball Junction)
Erin Bragg (Coalville/Kimball Junction)
Hadley Dynak (Coalville, Kimball Junction/Kamas)
Hal Milner (Kimball Junction)
Henry Wythe (Kimball Junction)
Hilary Reiter (Kimball Junction)
James Saarela (Kimball Junction/Park City)
Jane Riley (Kamas)
Jason Carone (Kamas)
Jay Burke (Kimball Junction
Jean Glaser (Coalville)
Jenny Diersen (Coalville/Kamas/Kimball Junction/Park City/Wanship)
Jill Sheinberg (Kamas)
Jodi Blair Russell (Wanship)
Joe Ray (Coalville/Kamas)
Judy Feltman (Coalville/Kimball Junction/Park City)

Juliann Fritz (Coalville/Wanship)
Karen Wakeling (Kimball Junction)
Kate Bally (Coalville)
Kate McChesney (Park City)
Katie Eldridge (Coalville)
Kent Strader (Coalville)
Kim Carson (Park City)
Kim Kerr (Kimball Junction)
Kristen Mitchell (Kimball Junction)
Kristi Major (Coalville/Oakley/Kimball Junction/Park City)
Laurie McRae (Kamas)
Len Starbeck (Kamas)
Linda McCausland (Coalville)
Lindsay Wheeler (Kamas)
Lois Milner (Park City)
Lynne Rutan (Kamas)
Maria McNulty (Kamas)
Mary Ann Empey (Kimball Junction)
Mary Perry (Coalville/Kamas/Park City)
Mary Whitesides (Kamas)
Melissa Marsted (Kimball Junction/Coalville)
Michael Kilchenstein (Coalville)
Michelle McDonald (Park City)
Mike Bradley (Coalville/Kamas/Kimball Junction/Wanship)
Mollie Mylar (Kimball Junction)
Myles Rademan (Kamas)
Nann Worel (Park City)
Richard Bullough (Coalville)
Russ Hyken (Kamas/Wanship)
Scott Filipiak (Coalville/Kamas)
Shannon Buist (Coalville/Kamas/Kimball Junction)
Sharon Backurz (Coalville/Park City/Kamas)
Shaylee Phelps (Coalville)
Sue Fassett (Coalville/Wanship)
Tressa McLane (Kamas)


Thank you to the following groups, organizations, and businesses for supporting this exhibit with their donations, time, services, and expertise. 

News & Media


KPCW Radio morning show

KPCW Radio: March 10, 2017